Hormone Therapy for Men.Treatment Options.Hormone Pellet Therapy.


Natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy includes several different prescription options for the delivery of your customized male menopause treatment or your treatment for any other hormonal imbalance. Among these options are pills, self-injections, creams, gels, patches and pellets. Each delivery method provides hormones that are identical to your body and the choice is often simply an issue of personal preference. With hormone therapy for men, testosterone in particular is often administered with self-injections or pellets because oral pills, creams and gels generally cannot provide the hormone at the higher levels needed.


Pills, Creams, Gels and Patches

The pills most often prescribed are in the gelatin capsule form. They should be taken on a full stomach for better assimilation into the body. Topical creams or gels are used on the surface of the skin and are applied to areas with little hair, like the shoulders and inner arms, for best absorption into the blood stream. The creams and gels come in a pre-measured syringe to ensure proper dosage. Patches are placed on the skin and like creams or gels, are absorbed through the skin. Patches release the hormone throughout the day and so are more natural, like pellets, to normal body processes.


Often, any necessary estrogen hormone therapy for men will be delivered by a pill, cream, gel or patch. Commonly, the thyroid hormone(s) are administered in pill form.


Most often, a combination of these various male menopause treatment options is utilized. The ultimate decision is made after a discussion with your Wired Wellness Physician expert anti-aging physician and depends a lot on which method(s) you prefer.


Pellet Therapy

Since 1939, pellet hormone therapy for men has been a viable and popular option. This male menopause treatment choice is among the most natural delivery methods available, being practically indistinguishable to the way in which hormones are normally formed and administered in a healthy 30-something year old man.



















This simple and convenient option allows you to live your life normally without having to stop to apply a cream or to remember to take a pill, both of which can be rather untimely. The long-lasting pellets work well with your get-up-and-go lifestyle and require only a simple insertion at your physician's office every three to six months. In a routine and straightforward visit, your physician will insert the miniature pellets into the buttock or hip area. Beyond the added convenience, the best feature of pellet therapy is the natural hormone secretion throughout the day. This feature allows it to respond to moments of stress and exercise just as the male body would normally secrete additional levels of the hormone. Furthermore, pellet hormone therapy for men maintains the hormone(s) at a constant level and avoids dramatic ups and downs that can be detrimental to the body.


Male menopause treatment has never been so easy and so precise!


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