In our clinic we help people who suffers with acne, rosacea and other skin conditions.

Being a Naturopathic Physician with focus in dermatological health, Dr.Elena agrees with Dr.Julia Hunter with that many skin disorders are connected with accumulated damage due to "oxymation"(oxidative stress plus chronic inflammation),hormonal dysregulation and fungal overgrowth.


Also the same mechanism seems to be in aging process, skin neoplasia, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Even with genetic predispositions, it is the environment in which you place your genes that causes disease. If that environment is constantly pro-inflamatory and pro-oxidatve it causes "STRESS" to genes and genes express pathology.


Fungi like Candida and others trigger constant inflammation. In the fungal overgrowth will continue-disease will florish. Some doctors try to mitigate it temporarily but it will reappear either in the skin or somewhere else. It also can produce an overgrowth of pathological bacteria in our gut.In our clinic we know that the patient never really can get well if they're in constant state of inflammation and carrying a lot of unwanted bacteria. Wired Wellness doctor also pays attention to your hormones, especially thyroid hormones-or lack thereof-which plays a big role in the health of your skin and more. If your thyroid is low, your skin, your immune system, in fact your entire body, are working at slower rate.You grow more fungi and pathological bacteria, inflammation is increased,"oximation" is increased. Everything starts aging more quickly. This is why we pay attention to your thyroid, and to other hormones like Testosterone,DHEA, Estradiol and Estriol, Progesterone and Growth Hormone.


Your body is an orchestra. If one instrument is out of tune, the entire orchestra sounds bad.













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What is ACNE & What Causes It?


Acne is a disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin and effects over 80% of adolescents and many adults

Acne occurs when oil produced by the sebaceous glands do not reach the surface of the skin, but is trapped in the tiny pores or follicles of the skin. This obstruction may close off the pore, causing the follicles wall to bulge, which creates a whitehead of bacteria. If the pore does stay open, the top surface of the skin and obstruction may become darkened causing what is commonly known as a“blackhead”. In both cases the bacteria, Propionibacterium acne thrives in the clogged follicles. When the bacteria and the pus leak from these follicles into the surrounding tissue, pimples are formed. Reasons for acne are multi-factorial which range from heredity, hormones, and nutrition.


Wired Wellness doctors take a combination approach to the treatment of acne using all modern technologies and research available.


Typically consultation starts with comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle and nutrition, your hormonal balance. Allergies and skin care routine. The Wired Wellness Physician would ask you about treatments you tried in the past and will create individualized treatment plan just for you. Wired Wellness physician offers you help with raging hormones and inflammation alone with other treatments to create the results you expect. Other treatments could include: nutritional regimen, IV therapy, retinoid, short-term antibiotics, benzoic and salicylic acid, medical grade chemical peels and photodynamic therapies.


When left untreated, acne will scar and though there is no easy way of reversing these scars there are many treatments available that diminishes or eliminates these scars. Depending upon the scar and need for revision Wired Wellness offers choices to correct

this unfortunate side effect from acne skin conditions.