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Dear Dr. Blackburn:

I want to thank you so much for your kind help and expertise in eliminating my back pain.

When I first came to you, almost two months ago, I was taking several medications prescribed by my V.A. Dr., mainly Hydrocodone and up to 12 500 mg of Aceteminiphin daily. While this dulled the pain it did not relieve it. Herbal and medicinal rubs also helped cover the pain but also had only temporary relief. Upon advice from my lovely wife, Julia, I decided to give you a chance to see if you could help. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about seeing a Naturepathic Dr. but when I found out you were also an M.D. ( in Latvia) I had more confidence in your ability to help.

Dr. Blackburn, I had no expectations that you could actually eliminate my back pain, reduce it, maybe, eliminate it, no. I am extremely happy with our results. I love the fact that you treat all my organs as one and take the time to explain how they all interact.

How taking a prescribed drug can affect the functions in the rest of the body and how by eliminating that drug it will allow all systems to function better. Your conviction that my pain is caused by inflamation and not injury is refreshing to say the least. As our recent blood work showed, my cloesterol is back to normal and can start getting off Statins, my blood pressure is coming down again reducing more drugs.

Again, I want to thank you. It has been many years since I have been able to sleep the entire night without waking in pain, just taking a walk is a treat. Feel free to use this letter to show people who need and want your help.

Your grateful patient

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