"Pick me up" Vitamin Injections


"Detox" therapies


Aging, an acute and chronic illness in majority of people

leave them with less than optimal digestion, which results in poorly digested food and inadequate absorption of nutrients.


Intravenous (I.V.) therapy and intramuscular vitamins "boosts" bypasses the stomach and intestines which frequently do not allow orally consumed nutrients to be properly absorbed.


The administration of nutrients placed directly into the bloodstream allows for rapid uptake of nutrients into your body, allowing the cells to more efficiently detoxify and regenerate all of the tissues, organs and glands of your body.  


Wired Wellness Physicians offer the Up to Date IV formulations available to patients.


Our practitioners have received advanced training in administering natural therapeutics directly into the blood stream safely and effectively. The evidence and rationale for utilizing this exciting therapy is available to you as part of our service.Our physician are  trained and experienced in medical weight loss, aesthetic medicine: Botox, Xeomin, Aesthetic fillers, PRP and Medical Peels to optimize your health and beauty.


Intravenous infusion is particularly useful when re-establishing nutritional health after intense treatments, such as chemotherapy, and to address many other specific problems, including multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, hepatitis C, macular degeneration and more.


During the walk-in "Shots hours" clients can show up to Wired Wellness Physicians for discounts on some REJUVENATION HEALTH shots and Nutritious Intavenous Specialty Infusions.


 Vitamin B 12  - $15

Vitamin B12 + B-Complex  - $20

Energy XR  with Vitamin D shot - $20

-Bioactive B12 (Methyl-cobalamin ) for energy, mental clarity and cardi-vascular, cancer and degenerative processes prevention.


Grand Energy with Gluthatione - $25

Master Hot Shot-

energy+immunity+melt fat+lower cholesterol or have a pre-workout boost to support healthy weight loss. Add vitamin D3 for an additional $15,Glutathione for an additional $25


Hot Shot Superstar-

Super metabolising, cholesterol lowering, fat melting with extra energy and antioxidant super cell protection. Add vitamin D3, Folate or another booster of your choice for an additional $20!


Super Vital Shot-

- Super Powered Injectable vitamin and nutrient cocktail exclusively at Wired Wellness!

Double Shot of Energy plus purifying King of Antioxidants, Glutathione for optimal  hormonal function, liver health, weight management and cholesterol balance. It also elevates your mood, revives your immune system and promotes better sleep. It can also be a perfect solution to help with hangover symptoms!



  • Adrena Rejuv'- Natural help with adrenal fatigue & cortisol utilization

  • Age-Less Beauty Shot

  • Asthma ease..

  • Attention + Memory

  • Balanced Goddess - hormone balancing for ladies

  • Breast Keeper

  • Blood Pressure Master...

  • Chill out! Stress &Anxiety Relief

  • Cold + Flu rescue

  • Fertlility shot

  • FibroMia - Healing issues of tissue/fibromialgia

  • Headache away

  • InflamaCure - Natural Anti-Inlamatory and Immune support

  • Methylation support + MTHFR supporter

  • Pain Away and Sport Recovery

  • PMS + Cramp Relief

  • Skin Esse

  • Sleep Esse: to promote restfull sleep and help with sleep-anea management

  •  Sweet Heart - Diabetes manager with antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and amino-acids, essential for healthy response to insulin, glucose utilization and help with prevention and management of  long-term damage from diabetes.

  • Thyroid Wellness

  • Tummy Health - GI Wellness

The  most effective proprietary Cocktails of Vitamins,

Amino acids, Minerals, Botanicals and Homeopathy..


  • Vitamin B complex and B12

  • Energy Now ~ with Vitamin D 

  • Extreme Energy ~ with Vitamin D + Gluthatione

  • Fat Melting

  • Adrena Rejuvenation

  • Thyroid Wellness

  • Stay Sharp ~ Attention and Memory

  • Calming and Soothing ~Stress and anxiety relief

  • Gut Health

  • Age-Less Women

  • Age-Less Men

  • A  Breast Keeper

  • Skin Essentials

  • Immunity Boost

  • Erase the Headache

  • Pain Away and Sport Recovery

  • PMS + Cramp Relief


Intravenous  Myer's Infusions:

larger amount of nutrients with longer effects!


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