•  Vitamins’ shots do not require an appointment

  • Vitamins’ shots are available only during hours specified on website.

  • Unscheduled office visits; phone calls and emails are not substitutes for appointments.

  • If you are using insurance to pay for your visit, it is your responsibility to find out what benefits are covered by your insurance company.Any unpaid portion of your visit, treatments, labs or other services will be your financial responsibility.

  • We do not offer “superbills” or receipts with codes to cash pay only patients.

  • The fee for your initial consultation visit will not include fees for treatments, labs, imaging, supplements, medicines of follow up visits.

  • We do not offer medical recommendations, make changes to treatment plans, write lab requisitions or review labs outside of formal consultations.

  • Any changes in treatment plans, medical recommendations, reviewing labs or ordering labs will not be done outside of formal consultation regarding this matter.

  • You must get your prescription at the time of your appointment.

  • Any change in your prescription dose must be done during an appointment.

  • The fees for consultation are based on the face-to-face encounter time with the physician.All services due to consultation are billable.

  • Usually, your medicine prescription is for a 30, 60 or 90-day supply.If you need refills, it requires a follow up appointment at the office.

  • Please be advised that late cancellations (within 24 hours), arriving late for your appointment and/or no shows will incur fees.

  • Arriving late to your appointment will cause your appointment time to be shortened.If you are 15 minutes late, you need to reschedule and it will be considered a no show.

  • Patient or authorized personal representative only can discuss treatment and billing information.

  • When wired wellness receives your paperwork for new patients, it confirms your initial appointment.

  • If wired wellness does not receive your new patient paperwork at least one complete 24-hour business day prior to your appointment, then your initial appointment will be cancelled.

  • Please do not change your treatment plan.Doing so may exacerbate your symptoms, delay your healing and/or further risk your health.

  • Call the office to schedule a follow-up appointment if you have a change in symptoms and/or you are not improving.

  • There are no refunds for consult visits, procedures done, shots given, services rendered, gift cards or packages.

  • Only verified service animals are allowed inside the office.       

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