Comprehensive health evaluation, “Executive Physical"


Wired Wellness Physicians have a Very Affordable lab prices for their patients.


We worked long and hard to make sure you would be able to stay informed about your health.


To confirm you health status we are OFTEN TESTING:


-Comprehensive Wellness Profile

-Early Detection Cardio-Vascular Profile

-Basic or Advanced Cardio-Vascular Profile

-Comprehensive Male Panel

-Comprehensive Female Panel

-Male “Quick Check" Custom Panel

-Female "Quick Check" Custom Panel

-Teen Custom Panel

-Menopause Panel

-Andropause Panel

-Adrenal Profile

-Thyroid Profile

-Postmenopausal Panel

-Custom Panel, created just for your specific Needs




*If you have any of above tests done in the last 3 month please bring the results to your appointment that may help to reduce your cost

*Please note that these tests need to be done fasting, which includes not taking food, any supplements or medications and not to apply any topical hormonal creams in the morning of the testing day. It is best just to hold all supplements and medications and take or apply after the blood draw or saliva collection.



Hormone Testing .Your Wellness is Our Goal


  Wired Wellness Physicians  main goal is to help you overcome symptoms of hormonal imbalance and improve your overall quality of health. The highly trained bioidentical hormone doctors at our center help women and men to achieve optimal health and beauty, using a combination of bioidentical hormone therapy, customized nutrition and aesthethic medicine, stress reduction techniques and pharmaceutical-grade supplementation. Each wellness program is tailored meet your individual needs and help you achieve your personal wellness goals.


In terms of results, Wired Wellness Physicians  are not looking for what's considered "normal." Unlike traditional doctors, the "normal levels" our  physicians are looking for are based what levels are optimal FOR YOU.


Your physician will customize a treatment program to target and address each of your wellness needs. Our doctors have the time to listen to you and how you are feeling and will work with you to balance your hormones and get you feeling your very best!


Contact a highly trained Wired Wellness bioidentical hormone doctor  to schedule an appointment  at 541.238.2108 and learn more about how hormone testing, in conjunction with our select network of top bioidentical hormone pharmacies, can get you on the path to balancing your hormone levels and optmizing your overall health.  



Measuring Hormone Levels


Hormone Tests

 Measuring hormone levels is a MUST for anyone considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Before a physician can assess your current condition, they need to know where you stand, hormonally speaking. The highly trained bioidentical hormone doctors at Wired Wellness Physician offer state-of-the-art hormone testing to determine if an underlying hormonal imbalance is to blame for the symptoms you're experiencing. The testing consists of a 65-point analysis, using serum, blood-spot and saliva. 


What is the Hormone Testing Used For?

 Your Wired Wellness Physician  may use serum, saliva and/or blood spot hormone tests to:


  • Detect hormone imbalances prior to the appearance of patient signs or symptoms

  • Identify hormone imbalances associated with symptoms

  • Establish hormone baselines prior to surgery or beginning therapy

  • Monitor hormone levels while supplementing

  • Track treatment progress with follow-up reports 


Get Tested

The quick and easy hormone testing offered by Wired Wellness physicians provides reliable results and a solid foundation on which to start bioidentical hormone therapy paired with customized nutrition, supplement and fitness programs.


Contact Wired Wellness today by calling 541-238-2108 to find out more about measuring hormone levels and beginning a bioidentical hormone therapy program!