Direct Care is a retainer-based, insurance-free primary care model that’s actually affordable and actually effective.


By cutting out the insurance middleman, doctors can skip the bureaucracy and spend time caring for patients. And patients can lower their overall medical expenses by paying only for what they need. However, it’ll take ingenious doctors and smart patients to turn common sense into the status quo for primary care.

As a member of Direct Primary Care at Wired Wellness,

you're entitled to many benefits, including...

  • Same-day or next-day appointments.

  • Unlimited number of visits 

  • Comprehensive wellness prescription and care plan.

  • A typical appointment is 30-60 minutes.

  • Visits to your office, for the busy professional.

  • Visits to your home, if necessary.

  • Visits to assisted living, nursing facilities, and similar settings.

  • 24/7 provider access via phone, text, or email.

  • No phone tree or waiting on hold.

  • Convenient scheduling with no long waits in the waiting room.

  • Access to wholesale pharmacy and discounted lab testing.

Direct Primary Care is a healthcare delivery approach that is increasing in popularity across the United States. Why choose a Direct Primary Care of Eugene? Because patients receive low-cost, high-quality medical care without the hassle of dealing with a traditional medical office.
Click here to learn more about the direct primary care model.  Also, check out Dr. Gilchrist's blog for his thoughts on the benefits of direct primary care for patients and why he's decided to make the switch as a physician.


At Direct Primary Care of Eugene, Dr. Gilchrist (that's me) seeks to provide comprehensive primary care to his patients without being rushed. It's a small clinic in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. When you're a member of the Direct Primary Care of Eugene family, you get the time and attention you need. There is a strong focus on wellness and prevention.  Every patient will be offered a complete, personalized wellness prescription—a plan for improving health and longevity.

In addition to your wellness prescription, I'll take care of any illness and medical issue that

may arise with same or next-day appointments.

As a patient, your monthly fee covers unlimited physician visits and customary in-office procedures. This means we can meet as often as you need without worrying about fees or co-pays. If you can't make it into the office, we will consult with you over phone, text or email, when appropriate. At Direct Primary Care of Eugene,

I do not bill insurance.  I do encourage carrying insurance coverage for potential expenses like costly tests or unavoidable and unexpected healthcare situations. For your day-to-day medical needs, however, your membership fee has you covered. 


The direct primary care model of health care is all about providing patients access to effective, convenient, affordable health care from a caring professional without interference. What does this mean? It means your doctor is free to focus on you and your well-being rather than spending time satisfying an insurance company’s bottom line.  


Primary Direct Care of Eugene offers a simple membership pricing structure. The low monthly fee takes the guesswork out of your medical expenses, giving you peace of mind. The tiered pricing model is based on the age of the patient.


Please contact the doctor by calling 541 515-7900 or using the email form below to start the enrollment process. 


per month
Ages 14-24


per month
Ages 25-44


per month
Ages 45-64
per month
Ages 45-64


per month
Age 65 and above
  • Pay for an entire year and get one month free
  • Discounts available for service veterans and couples

* Fee is reduced to $10/month when a child/young adult joins from the same household