The Custom Micropeel


Wired Wellness aesthetic doctors are happy to offer you Dermaplaning, Chemical Peel & Glutathione Therapy in One Anti-Aging Treatment for glowing skin!


The Custom Micropeel is back at the Wired Wellness Natural Health Clinic and Spa. Truly a triple-threat treatment, a Micropeel is designed to address the most common age-related skin problems in a single, three-step treatment.


A Micropeel can help you:

  • reduce hyperpigmentation and balance skin tone

  • smooth fine lines & wrinkles

  • improve dullness & skin texture


The 3-Step Micropeel Treatment


The Micropeel procedure is a three-step process consisting of dermaplaning to manually exfoliate your problem spots, a chemical peel to remove old, dull layers of skin, and Glutathione therapy to remove toxins and free radicals.


Step 1: Dermaplaning


Dermaplaning  carefully  exfoliates  the  top  layer  of  the  skin  with  a  specialized  surgical  blade.  The  process  removes  dead  skin  cells,  peach  fuzz,  and  stimulates  new  skin  development.  There  is  no  “down time”  involved  and you  may  return  to  your  office  or  your  busy  schedule  afterwards.  Patients  who  routinely  receive  Dermaplane  treatments  comment  on  the  smoothness of  their  skin  and  its  “baby  skin  like  quality”  and  see  an  immediate  improvement  to  the  radiance  of  their  skin  tone.  Dermaplaning  is  also frequently  used  prior  to  facial  treatments.

It is a safe treatment for pregnant or breast-feeding women. 

Step 2: Chemical Exfoliation


Several options available based on your skin health and your goal.


Step 3: Glutathione Therapy


Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant, unknown by most. It is popular when used as a way to help whiten skin though. Glutathione present in each and every cell in the body. It plays a pivotal role in "cleaning" our cells, removing toxins and free radicals. 


Dermaplaning with LED Therapy


Amazing Results!

LED Light is 100% safe and a holistic approach to advanced skin care treatments.  Red or Blue LED lights are used to rejuvenate the skin and to store the skin’s natural cellular activity, stimulate and build collagen, over time reduces the appearance of fine lines, broken capillaries, brown spots, acne, and rosacea.