Before and After Botox, Fillers images from Wired Wellness



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What to Expect from

Your Aesthetic


with the Doctor?


As a culture we value the firm, round skin of youth. But as we age, we lose the fat that makes your skin look full.We also lose collagen and elastin that gives skin its firm and elastic quality.The more fat, collagen and elastin we lose, the looser the skin gets and the more it starts to sag.


Unlike facial enhancing and rejuvenation procedures of the years past, today's methods of the world leading experts in aesthetic medicine have a goal not to make everyone look the same, but to unlock the potential that exist in every person's face.


This is where science meets art.

Wired Wellness approach combines minimally invasive procedures to prevent drooping skin with age rather than stretching the surface of the skin, which makes artificial "plastic" look.


For those who want to enhance their beauty, we combine science with art by employing the principles of the "Golden Proportion".


The purpose of our initial consultation is to empower you, by providing you with information you need to make educated decision about aesthetic procedures.

It contains discussion about all devices, injectable materials, minimally invasive non-surgical lifts available.We pay specific attention focusing on what makes you a good candidate for different treatments, and the benefits and limitations.

Diagnostic Imaging

Some aesthetic procedures are much safer when performed under the guidance with ultrasound or another imaging devise for better precision, especially when the physician needs  to reach a particular vessel or tissue or to avoid a particular area.Wired Wellness doctor utilize this service as needed.